Sephora Haul & Weekend Shenanigans

Firstly my weekend was pretty busy, but tons of fun. My church passed out 18,000 door hangers to invite people to the launch of our new Pasadena campus. Exciting times for sure! I wasn’t quite sure of I was going to make it walking all day but for the most part I was okay. Second half was a little rough. I had so much fun though. My group was so full of joy. I can’t wait to see how many lives are changed by these door hangers. I walked 11 miles by the end of the day. Including some stairs at apartments. *two snap* for leg day outside.


The true test for my body was today, BUT I woke up fine. I feel amazing!!! A little sore but amazing. I guess this going to the gym thing is working.

Then after church today my girlfriends and I went to PF Changs and of course Sephora. Here’s what I picked up.


I love my time with my ladies! We laugh and talk. I am so grateful for them and the things that make each one of them unique. Plus we had amazing service at PF Changes. You should already know how I feel about customer service. It’s very important.

Geez what a great weekend! What did you do? Let me know what shenanigans you got into.


Lizzy P.


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