I’m Fat!

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Never Forget Why


Some days are difficult when you are changing so many things about your life and pursing your dreams. Lately it’s been the most difficult in the area of my health. There hasn’t been a week I haven’t had an issue with my breathing and as much as all of you love this rain I’ve developed a loathing for it. The cold just kills me, but what has been worse is my thought process.

Thought processes can break you down. Lately mine has been if I’m still going to be in pain then why try?

Ahhhh but today I found an old journal where I wrote all the reasons I started this journey. Now I feel revitalized and ready to go. Sometimes we want instant results to something that has been building for years. 

It’s not always easy but remember why you started and commit again.


Lizzy P.

Healthy Eating Woes

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I have been violently throwing up since last night. TMI for some of you I know, but this is really bothering. I think I’ve truly hit the point in my journey where I simply can’t put any and every kind of food in my body anymore.

After four months mostly raw foods my body is just not having it. This week I’ve been on vaction from my day job. Which meant turn up time for me. Until I realized I was eating to many cooked foods and my stomach started to hurt.

I’m really just going to have to get over it but I need to make some more raw friends so I can learn how they became used to it.

If you have any websites or bloggers you know that I can learn more from please comment them down below.

Workout Buddies

I started the week off right and went to the gym with some of my girls. A little confession I didn’t go as many days as I should have last week. It was rough trying to get done my business check list and working my day job. I determined to strike a balance and get back to my workout hustle.

How have you been doing in your fitness?


Lizzy P.